Tech predictions for the next 20 years?

Tech predictions next 20 years

Tech predictions next 20 years: Apple will release Smartphones/phones without a notch.

Tech predictions next 20 years –

Smartphones may have complete bezel-much fewer displays.

By overdue, 2030 US will send their human beings to Mars [Followed by other countries].

That way Elon Musk’s lengthy-term dream might come proper.

Almost each and every individual in the world will be using a smart-device {smartphone, smartwatch, smart glasses }.

a social network, communication in the global computer networks. laptop phone tablet Connection

Blue eyes technology would become a reality.

Yea machines would understand our feelings and respond back.

There would be super soldiers such as Ironman [No wonder even if Musk built them ]

Automation takes the center stage and the unemployment status rises in all the places.

Domino’s pizza will be delivered by its own flying drones “DOMICOPTERS”.

There would be a device to take backup of our brain’s data and load it into a new body [Hopefully].